Guest Articles

Are you interested in writing a guest article for Together In Transition Today newsletter? We are currently publishing our newsletter to over 1,500 subscribers and our Facebook ‘Friends’ and ‘Like’ status is just under 1,500 and growing daily. Your submission could gain your organization valuable exposure to a wide audience of caregivers, eldercare professionals, adult children and seniors. Our goal is to offer a 2nd issue of our newsletter which is published on the first Tuesday of each month. Your article will be scheduled to publish approximately 2 weeks after our initial monthly newsletter.

For starters, please review the guest article guidelines and suggestions below.

Content Guidelines

While Together In Transition Today covers a variety of topics; they are all related to the field of Seniors, Caregivers, Aging and the Boomer Population. Our readers appreciate practical advice that they can quickly put to use in their personal  and/or professional lives. We encourage you to write in your particular ‘voice’, but insist that it adhere to professional standards & common respect for our diverse audience. Content should be educational in nature with the intent of raising public awareness or informing the audience as an expert about a particular product, service or issue. Articles submitted with an intentional self-promotional slant will be rejected or have the particular content in question edited to maintain our standards.

We do not accept articles about anything directly related with spirituality. Likewise, there are no articles dealing with the occult, mysticism, magic, hypnotism, or anything loosely related to these topics. If you have a topic in mind and you are unsure about its appropriateness, please contact us.

Article Length Guidelines

Our average article length on Together In Transition Today is between 700-1200 words. This is a good range to aim for. Of course, high quality content is the most important thing, our readers appreciate something they can sink their teeth into.


If you have an image that you want us to consider, and you have the legal right to use it, send it along with your submission. We reserve the right to choose the images included in each issue, and will do our best to include those that enhance the quality & meaning of the article.

Editing and Search Engine Optimization

Important note: Together In Transition reserves the right to edit all guest posts at our own discretion; please don’t be offended by this. We want your guest article to be well received by our readers. This is also in your best interest because we keyword optimize all articles. This guarantees that your guest post will rank well in the search engines and attract more readers. If radical changes are needed we will send the post back to you with suggested additions, questions, omissions or changes. We will only do this if we feel your submission needs enhancements that go beyond basic editing.


We prefer your guest article be something original and unique. Unless we’re informed otherwise, we will assume that your article was written exclusively for Together In Transition Today. However, if you’d like to contribute an article that you might have published elsewhere, we will consider that on a case by case basis. If Together In Transition Today publishes your guest article, you will be the listed author and as such will still hold the copyright. We will use your guest article only for the purpose it was intended.


Together In Transition Today wants to highlight you, your blog and any appropriate product or service that you have to offer. This will be done in a byline that will be featured at the bottom of your article. Bylines should be a no more than 2-3 sentences about who you are, and what you do. Feel free to include up to 2 links in your byline.

No text links are allowed in the article body unless they are absolutely necessary to support the content. We are happy to be promoting you, but keep in mind that a subtle approach works best.

Acceptance of Guest Articles

We reserve the right to reject any submission that we feel is not appropriate for any reason. Acceptance is totally up to Together In Transition’s discretion. If your guest article is not accepted, please understand that it is not personal, and we’d welcome alternative submissions at any time. Together In Transition strives to be objective in our acceptance criteria of what is published in our newsletter; however, in the end, we realize it is ultimately our decision whether it will serve the needs of our subscribers and clients. If you have a website that you are proud of, I’m sure you can understand and appreciate this point.

I am thrilled that you are interested in contributing a guest article to Together In Transition Today. We hope our guidelines are helpful in crafting your content and information for submission. Our readers trust our judgment, and Together In Transition values their trust. The guidelines will ensure that our readers will appreciate and benefit from your expertise as well.

Please CONTACT US and will respond to you within 48 hours regarding the next steps.