Mission Statement

Together In Transition provides compassionate, comprehensive transition services for seniors, their adult children and caregivers relating to maintaining home independence, moving into a senior community, downsizing  a household and accessing resources. We provide education and resources to eldercare professionals  in the medical, estate planning, accounting and elder law professions, to enhance their abilities to support their clients’ transition needs at different life stages.

Catherine Fritz is a certified Senior Advisor with the national Society of Certified Senior Advisors. She has felt a strong affinity with mature adults from her early childhood, when she grew up with active story-telling grandparents that taught her many lessons about exploring, life and relationships. Having experienced first-hand a range of different living alternatives for her  loved ones, she is well-equipped to bring expert advice to senior transition issues. Her company, Together in Transition, uses her combined skills and experience in leadership and communication, effective project management, avocation for others and attention to detail to open doors to compassionate transition alternatives for seniors and their families. She has fifteen years experience in managing complex projects and people through her employment with Occidental Petroleum and the J. Paul Getty Trust. Using her Master of International Management degree, Catherine supported audit teams in excelling on international assignments with her multilingual abilities and understanding of operations in a multicultural business environment. Practicing her skills as a nationally certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, she became a program innovator by streamlining business processes to decrease administrative requirements of operation and program managers, and in advocating undergraduate and graduate level internships within the organization, among many other accomplishments.

Catherine’s strength in communication and listening has led to leadership positions on her church caregiving deacon board and with the board of a Toastmaster club. She directed deacons on the board who support eight critical programs for the local community, ranging from bereavement and emergency meals to transportation programs for the elderly. Catherine also single handedly created a unique pet ministry program in which five teams of owners and pets certified in animal-assisted activities made regular visits to senior residential facilities and homebound church members. She streamlined record keeping processes in the Toastmaster club, developing tools that saved time and effort in completing her responsibilities. She continues to exercise her gifts for community service organizations through  the development of tools improving organizational structure, in building strong teams, in record keeping and documentation and in training programs.

After gaining valuable years of professional experience, Catherine felt impelled to develop her own business, one that used her skills in organization and communication, and also spoke to her heart. Her company, Together in Transition, is aware of the growing needs of our current and future senior population, and the challenges that they face during different transitional stages. Her skills and experience, combined with a compassionate kind nature, results in someone with unique abilities to open doors to new opportunities for seniors in transition. She has excelled in this field and been invited to contribute to two of the most highly respected senior & caregiver support agencies in the greater Los Angeles area.

Beginning in July 2011, Together in Transition expanded their services and outreach to north & central Texas, where she has added additional services to those she provided in southern California. The decision to relocate her main operations to Texas was partly a business decision and partly a personal one: Catherine has chosen to become a full-time caregiver to a family member with memory-loss issues and knows it will only add to her understanding of and support to her client base. She continues to actively provide services through telephone and internet communication to her client base in California and to any location where transition issues are a family challenge.